Laknavaram lake bridge photo

Laknavaram Lake – Explore Beauty of Water and Hills

Laknavaram Lake is a hidden gem about 70 km from Warangal. Sometimes it is also called “Laknavaram cheruvu”. This pretty spot was made by turning three tiny valleys into one big lake with some walls. Surrounding hills and Laknavaram bridge make natural borders. Long ago, in the 13th Century, the Kakatiya rulers created it. The best thing? It’s tucked away, so it feels like you have it all to yourself.

Laknavaram stands out because it has 13 tiny islands in its lake, linked by three separate suspension bridges that are 160 metres long. These bridges connect some islands to each other and the mainland. At this lake, there’s something for everyone, no matter your age or background. You can enjoy a day feeling the cool wind, gazing at beautiful mountains, and taking in endless green views.

The Laknavaram bridge, which has been the subject of countless Laknavaram bridge photos, connects you to a tiny island right in the middle of the lake. A cool feature? The suspension bridge that leads to a little island in the lake. Plus, there’s an option for boat rides, letting you explore the lake’s most peaceful spots.

The whole area is like a green carpet with plenty of water, and sometimes, you might even spot the Laknavaram waterfalls

Laknavaram Lake – How to Reach

You can reach Laknavaram Lake from Warangal by taking the Mulugu-Jangalam national highway. Whether you use state buses or private cars, it’s an easy journey. Once you pass Mulugu, it’s just another 7 kilometres to the lake, and the route showcases stunning hill and landscape views.

By Train Transport

Warangal is connected by train to big cities like Hyderabad, New Delhi, Chennai, and Kolkata. It’s an important train stop on these routes.

By Road Transport

Warangal to Laknavaram distance is just 70km and you can get there by road. If you’re coming from Hyderabad, it’s roughly 210 km through Warangal.

Things to Do at Laknavaram Lake

The lake’s highlight is boating, and everyone, young and old, can enjoy it. There are many boat types, like pontoon boats, deluxe boats, motorboats, and speed boats, so you can pick what you like. The lake’s peaceful setting is perfect for relaxing and just enjoying the calm. Also, don’t miss the suspension bridges. You can walk over them and explore various islands.

Best Time To Visit Laknavaram Lake

The best time to visit Laknavaram Lake is during the monsoon and winter. This rain-fed lake is at its fullest, and the nearby hills are blanketed in vibrant green, offering a breathtaking view.

Tips to Consider Before Visiting Laknavaram Lake

  • Visit Timing: Come during early mornings or weekdays for a quieter experience and to relax by the lake.
  • Stay Plans: Want to stay in on-site cottages? Book early! There are only 4, and they fill up fast.
  • Summer Heads-Up: Better skip summer visits. The lake can dry out, and the weather gets too hot.

Laknavaram Bridge Photos

Here are the few Laknavaram bridge and lake photos (Source Telangana Tourism)

Where to Stay in Laknavaram

The Telangana Government operates a resort here. Within Laknavaram Lake Resort, they’ve built four cottages, offering a direct connection to nature. To reach these cottages, which are surrounded by water, you’ll need to take a ferry from the main reception. These ferries are also the only way to reach the reception and main shore from the cottages.

Tourist Places Near Laknavaram Lake


All of this beauty has made it one of the top Warangal tourist places. Laknavaram lake isn’t just a place; it’s a story of nature’s grandeur, one that’s even better experienced with a serene boat ride.