Top 10 Telangana Tourist Places You Must Travel in 2020

Telangana in South India is the newly christened state holding beautiful tourist destinations for everyone- whether it’s the history, heritage, commercial sites, and soon you’re interested in. The culture and tradition of the state have attracted a lot of tourists from all over the world. Once you step your foot into the beautiful paradise, everything seems insignificant and is the perfect point for your vacation.

While you may be wondering where to head in the charming land of Telangana? Knowing the best places before visiting will definitely be helpful. So, scroll down to know what must be your part of your travel plan:

Telangana Tourist Places

#1 Charminar

Charminar is one of the historical monuments of India, situated in the heart of the old city of Hyderabad. The landmark of the city is a square-shaped structure built out of lime mortar and granite, by Mohammad Quli Qutub Shah. The majestic monument stands regally tall by four minarets and presents a beautiful glittering sight after nightfall.

#2 Nagarjuna Sagar

Nagarjuna Sagar is a sight to view when its gates are opened in peak flood season. It is the world’s tallest masonry dam protected with 24 gates and has a rough catchment area of nearly 215,000 Striking scenic water body and stunning landscape add beauty to the sumptuous structure. The dam is located in the Nalgonda district across Krishna river, and the name was derived from a nearby hillock called Nagarjunakonda.

#3 Golkonda Fort

Golconda is one of the most popular tourist attractions of Telangana that has a legacy of more than 500 years. The history of this heritage structure was in the 13th century when it was ruled by the Kakatiya’s followed by Qutub Shahi kings. Clapping hands at a certain point near the dome entrance reverberates at the hilltop pavilion that is nearly one kilometre away and also the outermost enclosure of the fort called Fateh Darwaza is famous for acoustical effects that mesmerize the tourists.

#4 Warangal

Warangal is the host for many tourists’ attractions with great historical significance and architectural excellence. The city has a wide array of places to visit from the fort to temples, lakes, sanctuaries, and much more making the favourite holiday destination for the travellers. One of the amazing attractions you can visit here is the thousands pillar temple that stands testimony to the singular architectural styles of the Kakatiya dynasty. Pakhal wildlife sanctuary and Pakhal lake are the other crowd pullers of the city. However, Warangal fort is the city’s top visited place graced by marvellous sculptures.

#5 Medak

Medak is one of the most popular tourist spots, which plays a vital role in the history of Telangana. The city was ruled by several dynasties and was at the height of progress during the reign of Kakatiyas. The original name of the town believed to be Siddapuram and was later changed to Medak.

Pocharam Forest and Wildlife Sanctuary, Medak Fort, Wargal Saraswati Temple, Medak Cathedral, Edupayala Temple, Singur Dam, and etc. are the major attractions of the city often visited by tourists and is a perfect weekend getaway from Hyderabad.

#6 Nizamabad

Anyone looking for a getaway destination close to nature with diversified culture, then book your visit to Nizamabad, as it is a blend of all. The place boasts of many ancient temples including Neela Kanteshwara temple, Hanuman temple, the Quilla Ramalayam temple, the Sri Raghunatha Temple, and more that truly lives up to your expectations with architectural styles. History buffs will fully enjoy attractions like Nizamabad Fort, Archaeological and Heritage Museum, Domakonda Fort. Nizam Sagar, Pochampad, Pocharam Wildlife Sanctuary and Mallaram Forest are the most visited places by nature-lovers.

#7 Adilabad

Adilabad is a famous tourist destination for nature lovers with picturesque landscapes. The place holds great historical temples, breathtaking waterfalls, monuments, wildlife sanctuaries, and more. Come here and witness the beauty of waters gushing from the highest waterfall in Telangana which is 45 mt height ranges in Sahyadri mountains-Kuntala waterfall.  Despite being 20 mt tall, Pochara waterfall is also a must-visit spot with calm surroundings. Basara Saraswathi Temple is one of the religious hotspots, situated on banks of Godavari river and also one among the two temples in India dedicated to goddess Saraswati. Kawal Wildlife Sanctuary, Sivaram Wildlife Sanctuary, and Pranahita Wildlife Sanctuary are the recommended places to visit for wildlife.

#8 Sircilla

Sircilla is a well-known place in Telangana, famous for textile industries and power loom business. Majority of its population is of weavers. While here, you can visit Textile Park located in Baddenapally that exhibits various models of looms. Other places here that make you entertaining are Lakshmi Narasimha Swamy Temple located in Nampally Gutta and ancient temple situated in Vemulawada.

#9 Vemulawada

Karimnagar is one of the famous tourist attractions of Telangana, that has remarkable places to visit and makes it hard for tourists to leave that place. Vemulawada, Kondagattu, Nagunur Fort, Dharmapuri, Kaleshwaram, lower Manair dam, Sabitham waterfalls, Shivaram Wildlife Sanctuary, and more are the crowd pullers of the city entertaining the visitors.

#10 Mahabubnagar

Mahabubnagar is the home for famous temples and heritage sites. Umamaheshwaram near Achampet is notable for Umamaheshwaram temple in the hills of Nallamala forests. Jurala Dam, Alamapur’s Jogulamba temple, and Gadwal fort are some of the key destinations. Kollapur is a key tourist attraction for architectural sites dating back to 2nd century BC. Mallela Theertham is a famous waterfall located in the Nallamala forest region.


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